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Along with Critical Reading, Writing is one of the most difficult skills to develop and one of the most important to know. This applies not just to high school performance, but to college, graduate school, and the professional world. Further, it is not just one type of writing that students must know. The writing students will encounter ranges from academic writing (analytical, formal, argumentative essays) to creative writing, to timed test-centered writing (in the SAT/ACT, GRE/LSAT/MCAT/GMAT) to journalistic writing.


WeEnglish, through our personalized curricula, helps to develop students’ skill sets in any field the student needs help in:


Academic Writing
  • Developing a strong, clear thesis statement

  • Identifying relevant pieces of support

  • Execution smooth transitions within an argumentative essay


SAT/ACT Writing
  • Timed writing techniques

  • Developing the content that readers want to see

  • Using powerful vocabulary that earns points with the readers


Other Writing
  • Creative non-fiction and poetry: from using metaphor to executing with a nuanced, textured vocabulary

  • Writing for newspapers: developing a hook, making your writing vivid and concise writing

  • English and writing homework help


Our process and resources:

First, students complete a writing evaluation, to be evaluated by our writing faculty. We discuss the students’ weaknesses and goals, internally and with the student. We design a curriculum intended to address the students’ needs, through the following texts and approaches:


  • They Say/I Say Rhetorical Writing Handbook

  • Longman Academic Writing Series

  • Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing Series

  • Writing homework and analysis

  • Consistent evaluation and feedback


Our goals are to have the students learn to write in a way they can carry into college and beyond. Our teachers are screenwriters, novelists, and graduates of the best universities and Liberal Arts Colleges in the country. More than anything else, though, they are communicators of knowledge who are committed to their students’ writing development.


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