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Learning English online is as easy as
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Interested in taking your English skills to the next level?  Want to learn more about U.S. history and American culture?  Do both with our 12-class course!


Based on curriculum designed by Stanford University, our classes will teach important American historical events while honing English literacy skills, increasing critical thinking abilities, and improving reading comprehension.


Students will:


  • Learn about sourcing, contextualization and corroboration—important interdisciplinary skills that will help improve academic writing abilities in preparation for college.

  • View important moments in U.S. History through the context of original historical documents, preparing students for the advanced, academic texts they’ll encounter in college.

  • Examine America’s Founding Documents, enabling students to engage in the “Great Global Conversation” that is part of the new SAT.

  • Study other events of significance and learn how they contribute to America’s cultural identity.


Course Duration:


  • (1) 30-minute trial class (free of charge)


  • (12) 90-minute regular classes


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