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Want to excel in your reading or writing courses?  Need to improve your SAT score?  Ready to prepare for the academic work expected of you at college?  Take Grammar Bootcamp, focused on polishing your grammar skills!


During this 10-class course, students will develop their awareness of grammar through a variety of exercises and activities.  Students will refine their previous knowledge of grammar and apply it in context in order to gain a more nuanced understanding of the language.


Students will:


  • Review verb tenses, including subject/verb agreement, modals, and passive voice.

  • Develop a more sophisticated understanding of comparatives and superlatives.

  • Determine the differences in form and use between gerunds and infinitives.

  • Improve their understanding of relative clauses.

  • Increase their understanding of punctuation.

  • Learn about preposition collocations with verbs, adjectives, and nouns.

  • Advance their ability to use articles correctly.


Course Duration:


  • (1) 30-minute trial class (free of charge)

  • (10) 1-hour regular classes


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