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3rd-5th grade

Elementary Foundations course is designed to enhance students’ reading abilities through sophisticated reading comprehensive strategies designed for younger students. Students will learn strategies for approaching a text, becoming critical readers by working with passages on a variety of topics and developing their active reading skills.​


Students will:

  • Develop the tools necessary to determine the topic and main point of a passage.

  • Practice their skimming and scanning skills.

  • Learn active reading marking system, which will aid them in becoming more effective readers.

  • Improve their ability to understand the details within a passage such as inference, style, symbolism, point of view, characterization, and setting.

  • Build their vocabulary throughout the course, with a specific focus on how to determine the meaning of a word from context.


Course Duration:


  • (1) 30-minute trial class (free of charge)

  • (10) 1-hour regular classes


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