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Although Foundations is our flagship class, WeEnglish improves students’ critical reading abilities at all levels. We begin with students in pre-Kindergarten and work with them through college.


The WeEnglish critical reading curriculum is tailored to the individual needs of the student. Does the student need to improve her speed for the Critical Reading section of the SAT? Does she need support with reading literature in preparation for an AP class? Or,  is the student younger, and we want to improve his reading comprehension and his interest in reading? No matter what the age, the level, or the need, WeEnglish instructors help students help students meet their goals:


  • Increasing reading speed

  • Improving comprehension

  • Addressing the SAT and ACT critical reading section

  • Improving an understanding of different genres: literature, scientific texts, social science writing, poetry, journalism, and more


Our individualized classes draw from many sources. Teachers not only use their own lesson plans, but also use  texts reviewed and vetted extensively by our curriculum developers:


  • The Critical Reader SAT critical reading workbook and text

  • Wonders for English Learners

  • Who Was....? Book Series

  • Publications such as National Geographic, The Atlantic Monthly, and Science

  • Short fictions and other texts commonly used on the SAT and ACT.


Our teachers are experienced and committed to helping the students improve by understanding the texts on deep, sophisticated levels. Our instructors use the “Presentation, Practice, Production” model to ensure that the students understand every lesson fully and are able to execute a high level of English reading.​


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