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Vocabulary development is important to improve students’ reading, writing, and test-taking abilities. Our Advanced Vocabulary Workshop increases students’ academic vocabulary and builds a foundation for future vocabulary acquisition.


In ten classes, students will develop the vocabulary skills necessary to succeed in an academic environment through a well-designed and dynamic curriculum focused entirely on building vocabulary.


Students will:


  • Become familiar with a variety of strategies for using context clues to determine the meaning of words.

  • Learn how roots, suffixes, and prefixes can help them understand new words they encounter outside of this course.

  • Recognize the second meanings of words, an important skill for standardized tests.

  • Distinguish between commonly confused words.

  • Expand their range of idiomatic expressions.

  • Build their vocabulary knowledge about specific academic genres, such as natural and social sciences, literature, and humanities.


Course Duration:


  • (1) 30-minute trial class (free of charge)


  • (10) 1-hour regular classes


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