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Students in this age range focus on enhancing their  English skills, building an academic vocabluary and learning to write argumentatively.  Classes are customized to cover topics such as:

Mastering Academic English

The language students will encounter in standardized tests, high school textbooks, and college lectures is formal, complicated, and contains many layers of meaning.


It takes skill and strategy to read, decode, discuss, and write about the concepts presented in these materials.  Yet, learning to read and write critically is an ability that students must master to be successful.


WeEnglish tutors specialize in preparing students for the rigors they will face in interpreting advanced texts and tests.

Preparing for Standardized Tests

American standardized tests have unique challenges that call for students to learn special tools and techniques in order to be successful.


The faculty at WeEnglish will prepare students to understand test formats, use effective strategies to avoid common mistakes, budget their time wisely, tackle passage-based reading sections, write a strong essay, and more.

Learning American Culture and U.S. History

It is increasingly important for students to know about American culture and history—to make it easier to live in the United States, if desired, and also to do better on tests and in school.


In addition to the great American literature that appears on standardized tests, the newly redesigned SAT requires students to interpret the meaning of passages from documents such as the Constitution or Declaration of Independence, or other primary source material.


Our instructors can teach students how to "translate" these documents into modern English, and provide the background necessary to understand their cultural context.



Our faculty will select the best textbook(s) for each student based on his or her personal needs and goals.  Options include:


  • Critical reading and writing textbooks that teach many of the skills students will need to perform in American high schools and colleges, while also introducing them to great works of Western literature.


  • Test prep books that familiarize students with American standardized test formats, helping to significantly increase their scores.

  • Advanced vocabulary workbooks that expand students' lexicons and provide standardized test practice.

  • A U.S. history text, with accompanying audio, that uses music to reinforce lessons.

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