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Learning English online is as easy as
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Students in this age range work with teachers to build vocabulary and fluency in American English.

For young children, we have selected a textbook series that promotes all four language skills—listening, speaking, reading and writing—in a format that is fun and engaging for kids.  The texts:

  • Include lots of conversation practice so children gain confidence speaking in English.


  • Are designed to help children to read fluently through phonics and reading lessons.

  • Maximize children’s attention through communicative games.

For older children interested in learning to write, we offer a textbook series that features a step-by-step approach, a variety of models and lots of practice exercises.  These textbooks:

  • Build strong academic writing skills.


  • Integrate grammar, reading & writing skills, and test preparation.


  • Contain source material and topics that students will find interesting and applicable.

In addition, our younger students have the option to practice their English and learn American history through fun texts featuring important historical figures like Sacagawea and American President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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